Colleague Cues: Tips on how to be a great workmate

As you begin your life as an employee, there are many things to consider such as your company, its values, your job description, etc. But as much as you should know about your role and responsibilities, you should also consider the people you’ll work with.


To ensure a comfortable environment here are a few tips you can follow to become a great workmate!


  1. Be a collaborative colleague

As you start your relationship with your workmate, make sure to be collaborative. Being in one team will heavily affect the kind of work you present. Being open to their ideas will not only help them feel more comfortable working together but will also create a harmonious environment where everyone can freely express their thoughts and suggestions.


  1. Always be kind

Similar to the first tip, having a good attitude toward your colleagues will go a long way. Being kind is more than sharing a smile or greeting them with a ‘Hello’, creating small talk and sharing excerpts about yourself can also be a great way to show kindness and build a connection with your workmate.


  1. Communicate profusely.

When it comes to work, communication is key. This is also an important factor when it comes to how you interact with your fellow team members. Having proper communication can boost your team’s productivity and at the same time let you finish your deliverables much quicker!


  1. Be ready to lend a helping hand

Having a colleague also means being ready to lend a helping hand. As a team, you have to be there during times they may need your help the most at work. May it be providing support for when they’re struggling, or even just giving suggestions when they’re doing a task. Just know when to lend a helping hand so they also would appreciate your genuine concern in helping them do their job!


  1. Be their friend!

Lastly, create a relationship more than as a workmate. There’s no harm in taking your workmate relationship into being friends outside of work. Not only will you be more comfortable working with someone you consider a friend, but it’ll also create more memories outside of work and will make you appreciate the friendship you found!


There are plenty of ways to become a great colleague to your workmates, but make sure you start it off with a warm smile and genuine interest in collaborating with them for a long time.


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