Dress to Impress: The What and What Nots to Wear at a Job Interview

Part of the application process job seekers might not think too deeply about is knowing how to dress for the interview. As we’ve shifted to online interviews, the line between dressing professionally and not putting too much effort because you’re at home starts to blur. 


But just like how important your answers are to the interview, the way you present yourself and how you look is also a significant factor. Read more below on what and what not to wear at a job interview.



  • Go for the classic white polo top.

For job seekers out there facing their interviews, wearing a white polo top can never go wrong. It’s a timeless attire that fits any dress code, and having a white polo top is a must-have in your closet. This staple look is also perfect for online and onsite interviews.



  • Never reveal too much skin.

As for what not to wear, it’s common sense to avoid wearing tops or bottoms that can be too revealing. Job interviews are considered professional meetings, and as an applicant, you would want to give a good first impression.



  • Avoid wearing clothes that are distracting.

When you come in for an interview, it’s better to wear nude or basic colors. Wearing bright or flashy colors might distract the interviewer from what you’re saying. You can save the patterned top and pants for other fun occasions.



  • Unsure what to wear? A smart casual outfit is the best.

First-time candidates might feel unsure about what to wear for the interview. There are worries about dressing too formally or too casually. For this, wearing a smart casual outfit is the way to go. A simple outfit such as a plain top, topped with a blazer and trousers is enough.



  • Dress comfortably.

Of course, more than what your clothes look like, you also have to make sure that you feel comfortable with what you’re wearing. It’s already hard enough to go through an interview and stay focused, what more if you’re worrying about the outfit you’re wearing? Choosing clothes that are appropriate for you is the most important tip in dressing for a job interview.


As much as how important it is for you to look good, don’t forget to take note that it’s also how you carry yourself to other people. These tips can help you find your perfect job interview ‘fit!


Now that you’ve got your job interview outfit ready, read here to know how you can ace that interview!



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